Cucumber Report Plugins

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Our Framework should have ability to generate test execution reports. Cucumber uses reporter plugins to produce reports that contain information about what scenarios have passed or failed. Cucumber does not have advance reporting mechanism.

It provide very basic reports but using these reports anybody can build more detailed report. Some plugins are built-in, others have to be installed separately. You can also build your own. Available plugins may vary per programming language.

Built-in reporter plugins

There are several reporter plugins built into Cucumber:

  • progress
  • pretty
  • html
  • json
  • rerun
  • junit

Formatter API

Cucumber uses an event-based API for its formatters. These formatters respond to several defined events, with event handlers defined in the formatter’s constructor.

Third-party plugins

  • Masterthought
  • TeamCity
  • TextmateFormatter
  • SlowHandCuke
  • timestamped-scenarios
  • Fivemat
  • Fuubar
  • cucumber_timing_presenter
  • Bilgerat
  • cucumber_statistics
  • cucumber_characteristics
  • allure-cucumber
  • Cluecumber
  • Cucelastic
  • cucumber-reporting-plugin