Cucumber Pretty and Monochrome Reports

The first plugin, we will talk about is Pretty.  This provides more verbose output. To implement this, just specify plugin = “pretty” in CucumberOptions. This is what the code looks like:

    plugin = {"pretty"},
    features = {"features"},
    monochrome = true,
    strict = true,
    dryRun = false,
    tags = {"@classobjects"}

pretty display report in console by default. Output should look like below when monochrome = false. If the monochrome option is set to false, then the console output is not as readable as it should be.

[36mAnd [0m[36mI fill in [0m[36m[1m"input[id='email']"[0m[36m with [0m[36m[1m""[0m [90m# com.pb.cucumbertest.stepdefinitions.StepDefinitions.i_fill_in_with(java.lang.String,java.lang.String)[0m
  [36mAnd [0m[36mI click on [0m[36m[1m"button[type='submit'] span i"[0m                        [90m# com.pb.cucumbertest.stepdefinitions.StepDefinitions.i_click_sign_in_button(java.lang.String)[0m

[31mFailed scenarios:[0m
[31mfile:///Users/tarungoswami/git/cucumbertest/cucumbertest/features/Login.feature:23[0m# Verify Forgot Password Functionality

3 Scenarios ([31m1 failed[0m, [32m2 passed[0m)
11 Steps ([31m1 failed[0m, [36m2 skipped[0m, [32m8 passed[0m)

Now, Let's set the monochrome as true and see the output in console. Now, it's more readable.

And I fill in "input[id='email']" with "" # com.pb.cucumbertest.stepdefinitions.StepDefinitions.i_fill_in_with(java.lang.String,java.lang.String)
  And I click on "button[type='submit'] span i"                        # com.pb.cucumbertest.stepdefinitions.StepDefinitions.i_click_sign_in_button(java.lang.String)

Failed scenarios:
file:///Users/tarungoswami/git/cucumbertest/cucumbertest/features/Login.feature:23# Verify Forgot Password Functionality

3 Scenarios (1 failed, 2 passed)
11 Steps (1 failed, 2 skipped, 8 passed)
Sun, 08/30/2020 - 22:35
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