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Cucumber Allure Reports

Like Extent Adapter, Allure Adapter is also used to generate Cucumber reports. In this Tutorial we are using Cucumber 7.2.3 with allure Adapter version 2.17.2

Note: Please add dependency and plugin corresponding to your cucumber version.

Cucumber Allure Report Java

Step 1: Add following Maven dependency or you can check the latest one from here for Cucumber Version 7

<!-- -->

For previous versions:

Step 2: Add following plugin in Test Runner Class:

plugin = { "pretty", "io.qameta.allure.cucumber7jvm.AllureCucumber7Jvm"}

For previous version select any one: 

plugin = { "pretty", "io.qameta.allure.cucumber6jvm.AllureCucumber6Jvm"}
plugin = { "pretty", "io.qameta.allure.cucumber5jvm.AllureCucumber5Jvm"}
plugin = { "pretty", "io.qameta.allure.cucumber4jvm.AllureCucumber4Jvm"}

Step 3: Execute your test using maven test

mvn test

Step 4: Navigate to your project directory and type

allure serve allure-results

A browser window will open which will display allure report.

Cucumber Allure

Video Tutorial: Allure Report Cucumber

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