Cucumber 6 default to --strict mode

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Earlier Cucumber other implementation except Cucumber-JVM default to --non-strict mode. With version 6, Cucumber-JVM will default to --strict mode.

Cucumber Options Strict Deprecated

In @CucumberOptions if you will use strict option it will give you Deprecated warning that strict option will be removed soon. Therefore if you will set strict =

  • false: During execution you will get error @CucumberOptions(strict=false) is no longer supported. Please use strict=true 
  • true: Your program will execute but that is of no use. Even if you remove strict = true. There is no impact. 
		plugin = {"pretty","json:target/cucumber/cucumber.json"}, 
		features = {"src/test/resources/features"},
		monochrome = true,
		strict = true,
		dryRun = false,
		tags = ("@SmokeTest"))