Converting HTTP web archives to JMeter test plans

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We can convert existing HTTP web archives directly into JMeter test scripts. Follow below steps to do it in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Go to "More Tools"->"Developer Tools"

Step 2: Click on "Network" tab

Step 3: Make sure "Preserve log" checkbox is selected.

Step 4: Browse the website for recording

Step 5: Again go to "Network" tab.

Step 6: Right Click and "Copy"->"All as HAR"

Step 7: Save copied content to notepad file and save file as .har file.

Step 8: Open

Step 9: Choose your file and convert

Step 10: Download JMX file and open with JMeter

Step 11: Add View Results in Tree Listener to the test plan (Test plan -> Add -> Listener -> View
Results in Tree Listener).

Step 12: Save, Run and View result.