Contains in Cypress

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In Cypress, contains is used to get the DOM element containing the text. If DOM contain more than one element with desired text it will match the first one.

There are basically 4 variations of contains exists:

cy.contains(content, options)
cy.contains(selector, content)
cy.contains(selector, content, options)

We will discuss 2 here which are without options and remaining 2 in next article. Here content could be of 3 types, we will discuss first 2 right now, regular expression is completely different topic which we will discuss later.

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Regular Expression

Example #1Using contains with string content


Example #2: Using contains with number content


Example #3: Using contains with get()

cy.get("").contains("Form Layouts").click();

Example # 4: Use contains with selector and content

cy.contains("","Form Layouts").click();

Example #5: You don't need to specify the complete word or combination. For example, for text "Extra Components" you can only specify "Extra" in contains or just "Ext"

cy.contains("Extra Components");

Example #6: Use contain for  

If your element contain html entities non breaking space   you just need to use space

// HTML Code

// Cypress code
cy.contains('Hello world')

Example #7: Use contain with <pre> tag

Unlike other tags, <pre> doesn't ignore leading, trailing, or duplicate whitespaces as shown below, so in cypress contains you need to specify in a same way:

// Pre code
<pre>                 Hello,           World      !</pre>

# Cypress Code
cy.get('pre').contains('                 Hello,           World      !') 

Example #8: Same text multiple elements


Technically the <html><body><ul>, and last <li> in the example below all contain "JavaScript".