Common Struggles Entrepreneurs Face

Common Struggles Entrepreneurs Face

Common Struggles Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurs face many struggles in their careers and lives. Trying to make something of yourself outside the regular 9 – 5 is hard work as much as it is rewarding. There is no reason that everyone has to cycle the same mistakes.

Here are some common struggles entrepreneurs face and how they are solved.

Market Research

When setting up a new business, people often have something in mind that they think will work. A core idea that they use as the inspiration for the whole business. They go for it and jump right into setting up their business without doing much research. 

This can have consequences. For instance; There might be someone in the local area with the same name providing a similar service. Their social accounts might already be taken by another business. The brand of the business might have some negative cultural associations. Or perhaps it seemed like a fantastic idea in their head, but no one is going for it in the real or digital world.

It can be tricky for a new entrepreneur to know exactly how to research their idea in the first place. Start with social networks. Facebook and Instagram are excellent tools to use, especially for online shops and services. Search for your idea and find other businesses that are doing something similar.

You can also look for groups to join that you think are full of your target audience. If you look through the group rules you will see when you can and cannot post and what sort of things you can do within that group. As long as it is ok by the group rules, you can always post a notice asking whether people would be interested in your idea. This can be a great way of sparking your following for your new business too.

You can also Google your idea, check that it is feasible and that you aren’t going for something identical to someone else if that matters.

Brand Research

Many entrepreneurs forget to research how they will formulate their brand. Ensure you look up what different aspects of brand identity mean within a business, what styles and colours would suit your business psychologically and how best to advertise your brand.

Design a logo that encapsulates these findings and does its best for your business model. Many new businesses struggle to create a perfect logo. It is all about research. If you look up what you should be adding to your logo first, creating it is simple. For a free-to-use logo creator try this app: GraphicSprings

Set out a Clear Path

New entrepreneurs struggle when they don’t lay out a clear plan. Having an easy-to-follow path through the first few weeks, month or year of starting your business can make everything a hundred times harder.

Map out exactly what you want to do and put it into an order that you can follow step by step. Make a plan for each day from your master plan and stick to it. Tick off things that you have done and give yourself a reward when you reach a goal. Take breaks and don’t get trapped into the cycle of working too much. It is easy to lose vision and drive and to ‘burn out’ when you work too hard. Breaks are essential to becoming a first-class entrepreneur.

There will be plenty more struggles on the journey. Often a struggle can be overcome with a refreshed and positive attitude. If everything is getting on top of you then take a weekend away and come back resolved to enjoy that week at work. Do not take on any more than you can handle but do take calculated risks and push yourself when you feel comfortable.

Author: Gary Duncan

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