Brief history of Python

The development of Python was taken forward nearly around the late 1980s and, the implementation of Python was started in 1989. Guido Van Rossum was the founder of python at CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Imformatica) in Netherland. Guido Van Rossum got his Job at CWI, was earlier working on a Project called Amoeba, a distributed operating system. He handled the project on developing an ABC Programming language that was eventually unsuccessful. Hence, it is from where he thought to create Python.


  • The first version of Python came into existence in January 1994.
  • This version of Python contains functional programming tools which never lies in the interest of Guido such as Lamba, Maps, Filter etc.
  • After this version, various other versions of Python got released like Python 2.0 (Oct 2000), Python2.7.0 (Oct 2010), Python 3 and lot more.

The latest version of Python is 3.9.6.