Benefits of Test Driven Development

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Test-driven development (TDD) is an evolutionary approach to development that combines test-first development where we write a test before we write code.

Here are some of the Advantages of TDD

  1. Code That Needs It: Following the rules, production coding must be prevented when all tests pass. If another feature is needed in the project, tests are carried on to implement the new feature. The code will be much simpler as possible. So that all the code ended up within the product, we needed to implement the features.
  2. Modular Design: One microfeature at a time is considered in TDD. When the test is written first, the code becomes easy to check. Code that is very easy to check features a very much straightforward interface. This will lead to the modular design of applications.
  3. Easy Maintenance: As the codes are from various segments of the decoupled interface, it becomes easier to take care of. Microfeature implementation exchange becomes easier with far better implementation without affecting another module.
  4. Easy To Refactor: Every feature is thoroughly tested, and we do not get any form of drastic changes because if all the tests pass, everything is ok. Making changes is dangerous often as we need to work on the same project after some time as it will be fresh. With an entire test suite, it can be easy to improve the code without the fear of breaking the application.
  5. Good Test Coverage: There is a test for every feature, and it gives good coverage as it develops reasonable confidence in our code.
  6. Test Documenting: Test code shows ways our code is supposed to be used. As it documents, the test code is a sample code that shows what the code does and how the interface has got to be used.
  7. Less Debugging: Debugging can be reduced as it can save time on searching for nasty bugs.