Basic Syntax Of R

R Command Prompt:

Once you have set up the R environment in your system. It is very easy and simple to start with the R command prompt.
You can easily start with the R command prompt by typing R in your Windows command prompt. When you press enter after typing R, it will launch the interpreter, and you will get a prompt on which you can code our program. 


R Script File:

We can easily do our programming by writing programs in the script files and execute those script files using a command prompt with the help of the R interpreter called Rscript.To create a Rscript file, write the code given below and, you can easily create one.

Rscript myFile.R

"Hello World!" Program in R:

We can write following codes in R Programming :

myString <- "Hello, World!"
print ( myString)

Output: [1] "Hello, World!"