Assert Page Title in Playwright Java

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We can use TestNG's Assertion or a simple if and else statement to verify the page title in Playwright using Java.

TestNG Assertion:

        String title = page.title();
        Assert.assertTrue(title.contains("Technical"), "Match");

Using a simple assertTrue method which returns a boolean, we can assert the page title.

        Assert.assertEquals(title, "ProgramsBuzz - Online Technical Courses");

We can also use the assert equals to pass in the expected and actual strings.

If Else:

        String title = page.title();
        String expectedTitle = "ProgramsBuzz - Online Technical Courses";
        if (title.equalsIgnoreCase(expectedTitle)) {
            System.out.println("Title Match Verfied");
        } else {
            System.out.println("Not a match!!");
  • We can validate the page's title using a simple if else statement.
  • we can see we stored both the expected and actual titles into the title and expectedTitle variable.
  • We are using equalsIgnoreCase in the if statement we pass in both variables.
  • If it matches, it goes inside if body.
  • If it is not a match, it will execute the else body.