Applications of RPA

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RPA provides accurate, reliable, consistent, effective and efficient output with a high level of productivity. There are many processes in various sectors where many applications are achieving a high success rate in terms of productivity. As RPA takes care of repetitive tasks corresponding to that costs are getting reduced significantly and hence helps in saving time and capable resources.

List of sectors where real-time RPA automation is widely progressing are as mentioned:

  1. Customer Service
    • By providing self- service option to the customer
    • By granting access to a wide range of back end applications
  2. Banking and Accounting
    • Cards Activation Process
    • New Registration
  3. Financial Services
    • New Insurance registration
    • Auto Receipt Creation
    • Fraud Analysis
  4. HealthCare
    • By performing the registration process of patients
    • Billing process
  5. Supply Chain Management
    • To streamline operations by raising, responding to purchase orders.
    • Identify the required inventory levels
  6. Human Resources
    • New Employee Joining¬†Formalities
    • Exit Formalities
    • Payroll Process
  7. Manufacturing
    • Calculation of Sales and Profit
    • Billing Process
  8. Travel and Tourism
    • Ticket Booking
    • Passenger Details

The main objective of RPA is to eliminate repetitive and boring monotonous task performed by resources by virtual workforce we call it as Robots.