Applications of Machine Learning

ML is one of the most exciting technologies. It is actively used these days, perhaps in many more places than one would expect. We probably use a learning algorithm dozens of times without even knowing it. We probably use a learning algorithm dozens of times without even knowing it.

1. Image recognition

It is one of the most common applications of machine learning. It is used for identifying objects, persons or places etc. Automatic friend tagging suggestion is one of the most famous use cases.

2. Virtual Personal Assistants

ML plays an important role for these personal assistants as it collects and refine the information on the basis of our previous involvement with them. 

3. Web Search Engine

ML is one of the main reasons why these search engines work so well. The system has learnt how to rank web pages through these complex learning algorithms.

4. Spam Detector

Mail agent like Gmail and Hotmail does a lot of work for identifying the mail is spam or not.

5. Speech Recognition

Search by voice are most commonly used these days for searching which comes under speech recognition. At present, machine learning algorithms are widely used by various applications of speech recognition. 

6. Product recommendations

It is widely used in shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart and entertainment companies like Netflix and Hotstar for product recommendations to the user. Like on Netflix it recommended the same type of shows which we are watching and the same happens with amazon even we get the same product advertisement while internet surfing on the same browser happens because of ML.

7. Online Fraud Detection

ML is making our online transactions.

8. Self-driving cars

ML plays a very important role in self-driving cars. The most popular company tesla has self-driven cars. It has used an unsupervised learning method to train the car models which detect people and objects while driving.