Appium Server and Doctor installation on Mac using Node

 Appium Server can be installed using terminal but you can not inspect element using that. Appium Doctor attempts to diagnose and fix common Node, iOS and Android configuration issues before starting Appium.

Step 1: Install node if not already installed

$ brew install node  

Step 2: Install Appium

$ npm install -g appium 

Or to install specific version use @ symbol along with version number. You can check latest version from here

$ npm install -g appium@1.16.0

Step 3: Verify Appium installation by typing below command

$ appium --version

Step 4: Install Appium Doctor

$ $ npm install -g appium-doctor

Step 5: To start appium use below command, to run in background use & symbol

$ appium &

Step 6: To run appium-doctor use below command

$ appium-doctor


Sun, 02/28/2021 - 22:07

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