Appium GUI for Windows

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Appium has well designed server GUI You can start the server along with your desired settings.

Appium Server Window

Inspector: Appium Inspector allows us to find the elements that we are looking for. It also comes with a record and playback functionality similar to that of the Selenium IDE..

Get Raw Log: To get raw logs.

Launch/Stop Button: This is used to start and stop the Appium server.

Appium Session Window

GUI has lot of options which helps you in Automation. Once you start the server. Go to File->New Session Window.

There you will see several tabs on top

1. Automatic Server
2. Custom Server
3. SauceLabs
4. TestObject
5. headspin
6. BrowserStack

Below that you have Advanced Settings option for proxy and certificates. In last section you have 3 tabs Desired capabilities, Saved Capabilities Session and Attach a session.

Desired Capabilities: You can add Platform Name, Automation Name, Platform Version and other capabiities here. You can click on link at bottom left corner of session window for Desired Capabilities documentation.