AI Article Writer: An Effective Tool for Quick Content and Copy Generation

AI Article Writer: An Effective Tool for Quick Content and Copy Generation

Nowadays, AI technology is the talk of the town for its speedy copy and content generation. Besides, it not only facilitates writers but also people who need a tool for quick content writing. However, many people are still, unaware of the benefits of these outstanding AI article writers.

That’s why here, we have discussed the nitty-gritty about these AI writers and how they can facilitate mankind for better content and copy generation. So, without further ado, let’s hop in to find out everything about AI writing assistants..

What is an AI article writer?

An AI article writer is a piece of software that generates content focusing on your inputs. The whole framework of this tool stands on AI technology where the purpose is to generate human-like content.

Besides, it is built to help people around the world who need to write content for their personal and professional lives. Also, effective AI article generators have copywriting frameworks to come up with the finest copy that can convert visitors.

Benefits of using an AI article generator

The biggest problem for a writer is maintaining deadlines and publishing blogs on time. Here artificial intelligence does a splendid job because it allows you to generate content within a few minutes. Besides, it will lighten up the workload which will create the opportunity to invest your time in other marketing activities.

However, the quality output is another good reason to utilize this tool. Its output is so impactful that you can leave a great influence on your audience. This helps you to market your products or services more effectively to your targeted audience.

These are not only capable of generating excellent blogs and content but also can create outstanding marketing copies that might take hours for a copywriter to write. Furthermore, you can regenerate the output as many times as you want if you don’t feel it suits your brand.

This artificial intelligence simplifies the whole content generation and lets you complete tasks effectively faster than ever which is the ultimate advantage of using an AI article writer.

What to consider before picking an AI content writer?

After discovering its tremendous opportunities, don’t jump into a random AI writer. Pick the one after analyzing its features out and out. Besides, there are some basic characteristics of a suitable AI article writer. But, most of the time, people pick a tool after checking reviews, demos, and trial versions. If the output seems fine to them, they buy that tool.

This causes them to make mistakes by investing in the wrong tool. So, before selecting a tool, must ensure your chosen AI writer has the following characteristics:

  • It should be capable of generating quality and conversion-friendly output.
  • The output of your AI content generator needs to be well-optimized for SEO.
  • It has to be a time-effective tool which means it will be able to generate content in less time.
  • Premium plan with a good word limit and affordable price.
  • User-friendly AI writing assistant that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate.
    Personalized and 100% unique output.
  • It must contain all the necessary templates for generating any type of quality content and copy.

An effective AI article generator for quality content and copies

AI technology is bringing revolutionary changes in content and copy creation. Now and then, you will see new techniques or tools introduced to speed up and simplify the whole content generation process.

It seems like a competition to help mankind and bring impactful changes in content writing and marketing. And, you will get to see various AI tools behind this impressive revolution.

One of the best AI article writers available out there is GetGenie which is packed with various handy templates for swift content and copy creation.

An effective AI article generator for quality content and copies

Apart from these, you will also witness a magical built-in block for WordPress content writing. Through this block, you can generate, regenerate, and extend the content in a matter of time. 

This is not the end. You can enjoy lots of other benefits using GetGenie AI. Here are some extraordinary opportunities for this WordPress AI content and copywriter:

  • Blog wizard: This feature is a charm for quality content creation. Because this acts like a six-in-one template. This template allows you to do keyword research, competitor analysis, related question analysis, title, intro, and outline generation. This AI template offers the best output that will rank well on SERP.
Blog wizard
  • Genie mode: It is a unique template that can generate any type of content with its built-in AI Algorithms. All you need to do is provide directions or inputs and you are all set for generating the best output within a few seconds. 
  • 30+ templates: GetGenie is packed with wonders that offer vast opportunities for different content generation. From copywriting to content rewriting, you will find every template in this AI writer.
  • Content score for SEO: This AI tool doesn’t stop generating content for writers and marketers. But also, offers content scores based on google ranking factors, research, and built-in algorithms. A high content score means more possibilities to rank on Search Engines. So, you can also rank better utilizing this tool.

Content score for SEO


  • Everything in WordPress: Most of the AI tools fail here. Because you will hardly find a tool that integrates well with WordPress. However, GetGenie gives you the option to create and publish content from right inside WordPress. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress so that you won’t need to copy-paste content again and again.
  • A separate block for blog writing: It is another fantastic feature of GetGenie AI that is well-known for writing quality content. You can easily generate, rewrite, and expand your blog using this AI tool. Or else, you can also utilize genie mode or available templates to write content.
A separate block for blog writing
  • Swift and quality content: No matter how many benefits your AI tool offers, in the end, it will be of no use if it is incapable of generating quality content creation. 

Here, GetGenie beats all the available tools in the market. As it is capable of generating quality content within a few seconds.

Can you use an AI writer for free?

Yes, you will find multiple free AI article writers in the market that are capable of generating swift content and copies. 

However, sadly, there are some limitations to these free plans. For example, some free AI writers have word limitations. Like you will be able to write 1500/ 2000 words monthly which is not enough for a content writer or copywriter.

So, at first sight, you might get fascinated by these free plans. But, these plans are not as useful as it seems to be. In the end, you will end up buying them as these plans are suitable for trial.

Therefore, despite having free plans, you can’t fully use these tools for free. You need to buy these tools for limitless content and copy generation.

Get started with AI Article Writer

Everyone wants to rely on a process that is easier and faster. That’s why AI technology is getting popular overnight in WordPress content and copy generation. Because it allows you to write content within a few minutes. Besides, it is also capable of generating personalized content.

Again, you can come up with engaging copies using AI. And, these copies are 100% unique. However, you might need to make some minor changes in content and copies to make them more perfect. Nevertheless, it is much faster and easier than manual content writing.

Hence writers and marketers vastly adopt these tools to simplify their content writing and copywriting tasks. So, give it a try and make content generation easier than ever.

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