6 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur At Laravel Website

6 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur At Laravel Website

Instant online services have changed the way of consuming products. The new digital wave has brought innovative frameworks, architecture, and programming languages, to meet the impending requirements of the human race. Whether you desire to build a mobile or web app, you must create a solid foundation to stay ahead of the competition and ace the digital arena.

Now, the crux of application development is laid by frameworks. Therefore, it would be best if you opted for a good, reliable, robust framework for speedy development. And when we talk about it, the first name that comes to mind is- PHP.

Evolution of PHP and its Frameworks

PHP is a timeless server-side programming language that provides excellent quality tools, libraries, and other frameworks for a modern web app or website. 79.2% of websites rely on PHP. It recently came up with 8.1. Version helping web developers create smooth and seamless web solutions across the internet.

PHP is also immensely popular among the developer community because of its other frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and more. Recently PHP has been on the top because of laravel and its ease of developing a web application.

Before jumping into Laravel, let's quickly run through some of the benefits of PHP, from which its popular framework has reshaped itself to be more suitable for web developers.

  • It is an open-source framework with run code, databases, debugging tools, etc.
  • Extensive library with pre-written codes and optimized running tasks for high-performing solutions. 
  • The popular content management system is adaptable to multiple platforms and technologies.
  •  It has a large community that supports the framework on a timely basis.
  • It has Model-View-Controller and enhanced security to provide a great online experience to the users.

Meet Laravel, the Most Used PHP Framework

Taylor Otwell invented the open-source PHP framework in 2011. Laravel allows the development of websites with intelligible code, MVC patterns, Blade engines, object-oriented libraries, and more. These are intuitive feature-functionalities that make a modern web application responsive and secure.

The PHP community widely accepts this framework, as it saves a lot of development time. With its dynamic features, exceptional APIs, and reduced coding complexity, it rules the chart for web app development.

Since 2011 it has been updated constantly. With the Laravel 1 & 2 versions, the community of developers brought in crucial features like authentication, localization, routing, page views, etc. and were primarily created to compete with Codelgniter.

The framework reached its present level of popularity and gathered a sizable user base with the introduction of Laravel 3. In addition, a command-line interface, excellent support for database management systems, and many other new features have been added. The most recent version, Laravel 7, was released in March 2020 and included the latest features for developing websites and mobile applications, such as Laravel Airlock, improved route model binding, fluent string, and blade component tags.

How does laravel contribute to web app development?

There are many reasons to choose laravel and desire the best web development for your business. Herein, the top reasons contribute towards building a successful website.

Builds authenticated and authorized systems

Laravel tech advancement easily configures and provides authentication security to the online solution. Moreover, it enables easy-to-control access to its resources to obtain an organized, authenticated logic. Hence, it is the most reliable and authenticated PHP framework.

Mail service integration

We are in a digital age, where one can only imagine a web application development with mail integration. For better engagement and brand awareness, one has to send timely emailers to every user action. With the Swiftmailer library, laravel provides API setups for individual email accounts that are clear and simple.

It also offers several drivers that enable message sending faster using local or cloud-based services. SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP's "mail" function, and "Sendmail" are a few examples of drivers.

Fixes technical vulnerabilities

The framework raises a security threat wherever there seems to be a codebase. For example, Laravel protects websites from SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and digital attacks. Due to its very sophisticated codebase, the Laravel framework is significantly more advanced than other PHP frameworks in this regard.

MVC architecture

The popular PHP framework delivers a great user experience by separating the user view from the business logic view. Furthermore, the Model-View-Controller distinguishes data information of both these presentations and provides an easy update to any of them in real-time.

Eloquent ORM

Object-relational mappers are built into the Laravel framework by default. The ORM acts as an abstraction layer over the database engine that stores an application's data, making it easier to handle database records by representing data as objects.

Message queue system

In a typical synchronous workflow, a web server will execute a work order after receiving a request, perform the response, and then send the request back. The server then processes requests in the background. A user does not have to wait for the response; instead, it is handled via Laravel's built-in queue system, a straightforward API that enables you to execute activities in the background.

Top Features of Laravel Framework

  • Template Engine: Laravel has the most unique and lightweight layout with dynamic content. It has multiple widgets that are incorporated with CSS and JS codes.  
  • Artisan: Most developers work on repetitive programming activities to prevent some parts from performing to their full potential. Artisan frameworks mainly build database structures using skeleton code developed during migration.
  • Object-oriented libraries: It is an easy-to-implement library with new features like Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, encryption, etc.
  • MVC architecture: The MVC pattern in the Laravel framework primarily ensures that the logic and presentation are highly efficient and clear. Performance is improved with the MVC architecture's help, enabling better documentation.
  • Reverse Routing: Reverse routing describes the interaction between routes and links and distinguishes the PHP Laravel framework by automatically propagating future modifications as relevant links.
  • Validation: By default, the ValidationRequest trait from the Laravel framework is used to manage HTTP requests conveniently. It automatically looks for errors in the session data and, if any are found, generates views.

Wrapping Up

Laravel is the top web development framework that provides an exception to the digital arena. With every passing year, PHP has become popular and has given great features and functionalities that help develop a modern website. The best way to integrate the advancement into your project is by approaching an experienced Laravel development company for a stable software development lifecycle and after-deployment services. So invade the digital arena with great technical brains and a solid app development idea. 

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