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The 5 Most Effective Email Marketing Tools in 2022

The 5 Most Effective Email Marketing Tools in 2022

Today's businesses are on their way to enhancing and improving their marketing efforts, and when it comes to communication preferences of your prospects, email tops the list. Hence, businesses have to harness the power of email marketing with the right tool to manage, optimize and succeed with their marketing efforts in the most efficient way possible. Choosing the right email marketing platform will help you take your campaigns to the next level. 

We must understand that email marketing is far beyond just sending and tracking emails. It means a lot to connect with your target audience and get on a perfect segment and execute your most personalized campaigns that your prospects love to receive in their inbox. 

Before we dive into some of the top email marketing platforms, let's understand these concepts and their significance. 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is the best outreach mode for your business to reach out to our target prospects quickly and efficiently. Business dealings happen via emails, showing how important it is for your business. Utilizing it well will make miracles happen for you. Not just reaching out, helping them with valuable information whenever they need it, reminding them about your brand, and a lot more can be enjoyed with the right email marketing platform. 

Why is email marketing a boon for your business? 

Yes, that is a million-dollar question to ask. Email helps you connect with your customers and prospects, which will help you take them one step ahead of the buyer's journey. It also assists you in closing a deal and increasing your sales. It is an excellent medium of communication to stay connected with your audience. 

So the core competencies of the email marketing platform for you would be: 

  • Be in touch with your customers 
  • Reach out to customers in real-time 
  • Measure your campaign performance 
  • Make it affordable 
  • Help you with targeted marketing 
  • Increase your brand reach 

You need the same platform to help you execute the email campaigns. 

So, before diving into that., what are some of the goals to set while choosing the right marketing automation. 

  • Clearly define your goals 
  • Choose the Right Tool and Plan 

What are some of the best Email marketing tools for 2022? 

So, once you have the right objective in hand and the optimum budget planned for the same, it is easy for you to opt for the best email automation tool. 
We have covered the best 5 email tools for better optimization. 

  1. Mailchimp 
  2. Yoroflow 
  3. ConvertKit 
  4. SendinBlue 
  5. Constant Contact 

Let us see each of them in detail. 

#1 Mailchimp 

It is among the top leading email marketing providers. It is one of the most used platforms as it's entirely free. It has: 

  • Email builder that is easy to use  
  • Auto responding option 
  • Contact segmentation 
  • Basic analytics 

Apart from these, it integrates well with WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. Integration with Live chat is also possible. 

#2 Yoroflow 

Yoroflow is a budget-friendly option for your email automation tool, which you can mostly rely on. 

It has a handful of features that make you fall in love with it. Machine learning enables a platform, the most advanced platform for your business, and more. The best part is the availability of the free version for your trials and utilizing most of the automation techniques. 

Yoroflow is inbuilt with CRM Automation and is best suited for your lead management. Segmentation and email marketing campaigns. The email automation sequence helps you with the best time to connect with your customers. Not just that, there is no tool better than Yoroflow for you to handle your sales pipeline management seamlessly. 

Seamless workflow automation helps you rock with your next email campaign for your business. CRM automation helps you manage your leads efficiently. 

This is the best and most preferred standard tool for your marketing strategy. 

Starts with a free plan 

  • The business plan is available with limited features at just $8 per month
  • The standard plan is available with extended features at just $14 per month
  • The Pro Plan is available with advanced features at $22 per month. 

Irrespective of any plan you opt for, you can enjoy a free trial of 14 days. This is well suited for small and large-scale businesses, irrespective of their sizes. 

#3 ConvertKit 

This is the best option for authors and bloggers and is enabled with a simple, easy-to-use email editor tool. It has simple content upgrades and pops up forms. It has very simple autoresponders that support you in sending the drip emails. Easy contact segmentation allows you to send simple personalized emails that get you to increase conversions. 

You have options to opt for A/B testing, workflows, and more. 

#4 SendinBlue 

Sendinblue is a completely automated email platform for budding businesses and is a good choice if you want to grow exponentially. It also has a simple drag and drop builder, landing page builder, sign-up forms, and advertising platforms. This tool helps you create a good audience base and leads with properly optimized campaigns. 

#5 Constant Contact

Constant contact is a perfect email platform for starters and small businesses. This is a very user-friendly platform with a drag and drop builder. It helps you to create visually appealing. You can opt between the type of email you want - simple text only, text with images, and more types. It has a set of inbuilt email templates to help you save time and efficiency. 

Wrapping up! 

Executing a great email marketing campaign would not be possible with the right email marketing platform. So, it is up to you to decide which platform to choose and how to rock your next campaign effortlessly. 

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