3 Top-most Data Science Certifications To Acquire In 2023

3 Top-most Data Science Certifications To Acquire In 2023

You are definitely not made for the basics! You can be one among many certified data science professionals backed with core data science skills as the industry is keen on experiencing a job storm with a CAGR of 27.9% by 2026 (as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). If you are zealous about becoming the next big thing in the data science industry, you are at the right spot. 

With ever-exploding data across international business platforms, hiring data science professionals with industry-specific skills has become a necessity. Deducing the correct meaning of data insights and helping businesses of all sizes to amplify is the core goal of every data professional. Proving your appointment, and the best decision for your recruiters is the trick to benefit from. All businesses require a skilled data professional to assist in making huge progress via targeted strategies and customized business plans in place. 

Recruiters are far more interested in your skills than the certifications you possess. if you are keen on expanding your career path with IIT-approved data science certifications, that are most valued by the industry at large- You got to earn them from the most credible names in the realm. 

You as a data science aspirant must be possessing an array of skills and credentials apt for entering the field, but it takes that perfect mix of the best data science certification that leverages higher and meatier data science job roles. 

There is a gazillion of questions you must be facing while dealing with this thought of assessing the best certification provider. This could be a great start for you to understand the fundamentals of this industry and your way up the ladder.

Am I eligible for entering the data science industry?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, mathematics, or a related field is essential to earn an entry-level data science role. Graduation in any of the STEM subjects would yield amplified results in the form of a meaty data science role demanding expertise and skill. Top your core credentials with the most sought-after data science certifications to last a long term in the industry.

Why do I need a data science certification?

Certification is not just any other add-on to your resume highlight; it is the lead actor in building a lasting data science career. Scaling your career trajectory from a junior data scientist role to a director’s position is the act of sheer skill and expertise. 

These certify you with the ‘in demand’ Big data technologies

  • Prepares you for the ever-evolving Big data skills
  • Empowers you with data management technologies
  • Showcases your keenness for ongoing learning and fosters self-improvement
  • Highlights your credibility as a data science candidate
  • Allows you to serve in the best of data science roles
  • Helps you stay in sync with the latest industry trends
  • Makes you a quick pick for positions across various domains and industries

Is building a portfolio worth it?

Working on your data science portfolio is the key as getting all the educational and professional certifications in place won’t serve you the best. Having said that, these certifications are the core grounding on which you build your data science career. Capturing real skills via interactive projects, dataset submissions, industry experts’ interactions, live project experience, and much more is the right way to build a strong data science portfolio. Choose a data science certification that lets you complete projects as you learn and showcase your know-how with digital portfolios. Apply your certified knowledge to test with some interesting commonplace portfolio-building tactics.

Things to keep in mind while selecting the best data science certification:

  • Program contents
  • Program cost
  • Prerequisites and qualifications required
  • Time Involved
  • Student Reviews
  • Program credibility
  • Skills taught


The program is imparted by the renowned Columbia University and covers core concepts of exploratory data analysis, data science algorithms, data visualization, probability, statistics, and machine learning. This certification comes at a cost of USD 395 and is an ideal choice for earning foundational data science skills.Simplifying your data science career, USDSI is a pioneer brand in offering the best data science certifications that last the test of time and an elevated data science career trajectory. They offer 3 self-paced certifications based on your skill level and core interest- Certified Data science professional (CDSP), Certified Lead data scientist (CLDS), and Certified Senior data scientist (CSDS). Whether you’re a beginner in the field or a professional looking to upgrade or a worthy career switch- these certifications come your way at practically no cost as it offers a FREE comprehensive self-study kit worth USD 725. Rage in the world data science market with a minimum of 10X career growth with these certifications in your portfolio.This data science specialization is a series of short courses and a capstone project with 9 modules, offered at a cost of USD 490 from the renowned John Hopkins University. It offers a variety of data science core topics covered under one roof.

Data Science Roles on offer:

  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Data architect
  • Statistician
  • Business analyst
  • Data and analytics manager

Pick a data science certification that lets you highlight and showcase the core skills as these courses are quite interactive and project-based. Getting hands-on training while you earn your certification is going to reward you with a high-paying data science role. Choose wisely!

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