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What is three-point estimation?

In the three-point estimation, three values are initially produced for every task based on previous experience. For example, to complete a specific task the different possibilities are:

  • Best case estimate: 120 man-hours or 15 days with experienced team members
  • The most likely estimate: 170 hours or 21 days with enough resources and moderate team members experience
  • The worst-case estimate: 200 man-hours or 25 days and with a team that has lesser work experience

Explain how Test Manager can estimate the project and what to estimate?

During Test Estimation, a Test Manager must evaluate four things:

  1. Cost
  2. Resources
  3. Human Skills
  4. Time

They can estimate the project in following ways:

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS): Breaking down project into smaller segments
  • Three-point estimation: Three-point estimation is based on statistical data
  • Functional point method: Give weightage to each function and measure the size

What are the countermeasures that test manager should take against risks?

Test manager must take following steps to mitigate the risk while developing product:

  • Avoidance: Eliminate the risk factor that is involved.
  • Reduction: Mitigation plan to decrease the impact of risks and to take corrective measures.
  • Sharing: Transfer the risk to another resource such as insource or insure.
  • Accept: Accept the risk and prepare a planned budget for these risks.

Mention the types of Risk in a Test Project ?

The types of Risk in a Test Project can be broadly categorised as:

  • Strategy Risk: This includes Budget, Communication and Management risks.
  • Project Definition Risks: This includes Project target, Scope, and requirements risks.
  • Human Resources Risk: This includes Skill, Team members and organization risks.
  • Project Schedule Risks.

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management covers the processes used to coordinate, control, and track test artefacts.

The test artefacts could include Automation Code, requirements, documentation, problems, designs, change requests, designs, etc.

The Configuration Management is a process of establishing and maintaining a product’s performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and functionalities through its life.

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