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Explain the pros and cons of Appium?


  • For programmer irrespective of the platform, he is automating (Android or iOS) all the complexities will remain under single Appium server.
  • It opens the door to cross-platform mobile testing which means the same test would work on multiple platforms.
  • Appium does not require extra components in your App to make it automation friendly.
  • It can automate Hybrid, Web and Native mobile applications.


Explain the design concept of Appium?

  • Appium is an "HTTP Server" written using Node.js platform and drives iOS and Android session using WebDriver JSON wire protocol. Hence, before initializing the Appium Server, Node.js must be pre-installed on the system:
  • When Appium is downloaded and installed, then a server is setup on our machine that exposes a REST API.
  • It receives connection and command request from the client and execute that command on mobile devices (Android / iOS)
  • It responds back with HTTP responses.

Explain how to find DOM element or xPath in a mobile application?

To find the DOM element use "UIAutomateviewer" to find DOM element for Android application.


  • Connect your Phone or Emulator with Appium desktop client
  • Start Inspect Session
  • Start session by specifying capabilities for device - deviceName, platformName, automationName, appPackage, appActivity
  • Click on select element icon once app launched
  • Locator will be displayed in Selected Element section


List out the limitations of using Appium?

  • Appium does not support testing of Android Version lower than 4.2
  • Limited support for hybrid app testing. E.g., not possible to test the switching action of application from the web app to native and vice-versa
  • There is no direct support for toast messages.
  • Appium has limited support for mobile gestures.
  • Scripts are slow.
  • There’s no parallel execution. This limitation can be resolved if we execute our scripts in Sauce Lab’s mobile cloud, which at present supports running scripts on multiple iOS simulators at the same time.

Explain what is Appium?

Appium is an open source, cross-platform automation testing tool. It is used for automating test cases for native, hybrid and web applications. The tool has a major focus on both Android and iOS apps and was only restricted to the mobile application testing domain. Recently, a few updates back, Appium also announced that they will support the testing of desktop applications for windows.

Explain what are Pre-processor Elements? List some of the pre-processor elements?

A pre-processor is something that will happen before the sampler executes. To configure the sample request prior to its execution or to update variables that are not extracted from response text pre-processor elements are used.

Some of the pre-processor elements are

  • HTTP URL re-writing modifier
  • HTTP user parameter modifier
  • HTML link parser
  • BeanShell PreProcessor
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