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Difference between Apache JMeter & HP LoadRunner?

The Apache JMeter application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance.

LoadRunner is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. It is used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load. LoadRunner can simulate thousands of users concurrently using application software, recording and later analyzing the performance of key components of the application.

What are the Applications that can be tested using JMeter?

  • It was originally designed for testing Web Applications only but has since then evolved to test other apps.
  • It's useful in testing the performance of both static and dynamic resources like files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases, Queries, FTP Servers and more.
  • JMeter can also perform various other types of testing like Functional, Regression, and Unit testing.

Explain the architecture of JMeter.

JMeter is a Java based open source application that is basically designed for the purpose of Load Testing.

It supports all major protocols that are supported in Load Runner. Unlike any browser, JMeter works on levels of protocols and does not execute JavaScript present in HTML web pages. 

JMeter works in a master-slave architecture for load testing. Component of master slave architecture are:

Explain what is JMeter?

JMeter is a Java tool, which is used for performance Load Testing. Apache JMeter is an Apache project that can be used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications.

JMeter can be used as a unit-test tool for JDBC database connections, FTP, LDAP, Webservices, JMS, HTTP, generic TCP connections and OS native processes.

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