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List of Selenium Locators

Selenium uses locators to find and match the elements on website page. Selenium WebDriver uses different locators to find the elements on web page. Locator is a command that tells Selenium IDE which GUI elements ( say Text Box, Buttons, Check Boxes etc) its needs to operate on.

Introduction to Mink

There are two types of browser emulator, Headless and browser controller. Main difference between both is that headless are faster but provide no support for JS/Ajax, while browser emulator like selenium provide support for JS/Ajax but are  slower compare to headless.

Introduction to Behat

Behat is a open source BDD tool. With BDD, you write human-readable stories that describe the behaviour of your application. These stories can then be auto-tested against your application.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the only marketing of product and services via internet or through other mediums such as mobile phones, advertisements and social media websites. Social Networking sites includes Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

When to stop testing?

It depends upon on risk of system being tested. Testing is endless but we need to stop somewhere. There are unlimited defects in software and hence it's impractical to test it until all defects are found as we can never know which defect is the last one. Criteria to stop testing:

Introduction to Software Testing

Software has become a part of every industry now. Success of software and devices also depend on its quality. To check the quality of software testing is done. A poor quality product may lead to customer loss.

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