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What is ASO: App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store's search result. The higher your app rank is the higher the possibility that it is visible to potential customer and, more visibility means more traffic and chances of app install.

What is Software Testing

Let's start with most common and basic definition "Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs." In simple language you can say Testing is process of checking that Software is OK.

How much Testing is enough

This answer depend on several factors which include technical risk, safety risk and business risk. System with high risk should be tested more than the system where we think failure is not a big problem. While testing do not forget the fact that Exhaustive testing is not possible.

Software Testing and Quality

Quality and Testing has direct relation. Software testing contributes in improving the quality of the Software. With the help of Testing we can measure Software Quality. This Quality can be measured in terms of defect found in Software Application. Our customer need a quality Software and Testing is one of the mechanism to achieve this.

Cause of Software Defects

Why System has defects and what are the causes of Software Defects. It's because only people make mistakes or something else causing defects. Who is responsible for defect in System. Customer, Designer, Developer, Tester, BA or environmental conditions also. Well, Software is not just code, a complete system consist of documentation also.

How to Install PHP

There are several ways to install PHP.

Several tools support PHP installation by default.

PHP installation may vary OS to OS. The installation may also depend on version.

Below are the installation steps and technique for most popular operation systems:


Working of Cucumber Framework

Cucumber was created in Ruby Language originally. Later support for different language were provided. Earlier it was just command line, Now you can execute it with tool like Eclipse and other.

Software System Context

A Software System is a system with different component which communicate with each other. A Software System consist of single or many programs, configuration files, Documentation, data and information.

Software System consist of specification, test results, end-user documentation, maintenance records etc.

Why is Testing Necessary

Today, hardly any organisation exist without software. Software has been introduced everywhere over the period of time. Even product of your daily needs require software. Few examples are Washing Machine, TV, Microwave Oven, Fridge etc. Even the toys in hand of Kids' has software today.

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