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What are the challenges or technical limitations of Selenium?

  • Testing of Web Application only: It only support automation of Web Application. You can not automated Desktop Application. It can not automate mobile applications also. You need Appium for Mobile Apps Testing.
  • No Captcha Support: Selenium can not automate capcha.
  • No Bar Code Support: Selenium can not read Bar code.
  • No Reporting: Depend on third party report tool like JUnit, TestNG or Extent Report.
  • No Vendor Support: Open Source, No Direct Support.

What are the testing types that can be supported by Selenium?

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Responsive Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • UI testing
  • Integration Testing

Mainly automation testing focus on automating regression test cases, smoke test cases, Sanity test cases and sometimes according to project and time box it does focus on end to end testing activity.

Why Selenium should be selected as a Automation Tool or Benefits / Advantages of Selenium?

  • Free & Open Source: No Licence Cost
  • Large Developer Communities & User Base: Supported By Google
  • Cross Browser Compatibility: It support multiple browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
  • Platform Compatibility: Window, Linux, MacOS
  • Regular Development: Support for new browses and technologies provided as soon as those comes in market.
  • Parallel & Distributed Testing: Using Selenium Grid.
  • Support Many Lan

What is Automation Testing ?

Automated testing or test automation is a method in software testing that makes use of special software tools to control the execution of tests and then compares actual test results with predicted or expected results or in words we can understand automation testing is the process of testing the software using an automation tool with the intend of finding errors.

What are the new Features or changes in Selenium 3 ?

1. Minimum Java Version is 8+ to run Selenium 3.
2. Support For Firefox Using Gecko Driver for version greater than 47.0.1.
3. Support for Edge is provide By MS.
4. Safari for MacOs via Apple own Safari Driver.
5. Support for Selenium core over
6. Guava has been updated to version 21.
7. Selenium Grid: Stability Fixes, All grid node offers help.
8. HTMLUnitDriver updated to latest version.
9. Re-enabled log gathering for the standalone server.
10. Firefox profile is passed to both the legacy FirefoxDriver and geckodriver.

Ad Formats

Ad formats are used to make ads effective  for business and to value the targeted audience. Ad formats depends on campaign type and below ad formats are available in an AdWords account 

  • Text Ad formats
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Ad extension

1. Text Ad format: This is most basic ad-type, consisting of a headline, two lines of text (35 characters each), and a website URL as shown in below example:

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